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Fall is here! It’s time to boost your immunity with our great mushroom products.

 Agaricus 1000

Price: $15.99
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Agaricus Blazei Murill 1000 mg. Also known as Blazei Murill, it is a medicinal mushroom grown in Brasil and China which rich in beta-glucans compounds known to enhance the immune system.  ...... 
 AHCC Plus

Price: $71.99
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AHCC is the world's most researched specialty immune supplement with over 80 supporting research studies. AHCC is widely used in the most renown cancer clinics all over Asia, especially in Japan where is a leader in alternative cancer therapy. AHCC is the daily immune supplement of thousands of healthy people seeking to help their bodies to fight the formation of abnormal cells, whose growth can lead to cancer, chronic disease and infections (such as the influenza / flu virus).  ...... 

 Chaga C-Max

Price: $15.19
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Provita Nutrition's CHAGA C-Max Concentrated - a non-toxic mushroom that has been traditionally used in Russia and Northern Europe for centuries to maintain a good health. It contains polysaccharides which are known for their anti-inflammatory activity and for their modulating effect on the immune system. Recent studies have revealed that Chaga extract also has anti-mutagenic and antioxidant activity. Latest studies indicate that Inonotus obliquus belongs to the family of medicinal mushrooms exhibiting antitumor activity. Inonotus obliquusis a dietary supplement ingredient listed in Health Canada's Natural Health Products Ingredients Database.  ...... 
 Cordyceps Mycellium CSM-2000 90caps

Price: $27.99
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CORDYCPES Sinensis CSM-2000 Mycellium Complex, 90 caps. Cordyceps Sinensis is a mushroom widely used in Chinese Traditional medicine (TCM) for its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and immunological properties. CSM-2000 contains a mixture of standardized Mycelium extracts rich in Cordycepic Acid, Manitol, Adenosine and Polysaccharides.  ...... 

 Goldenseal 100mg 90caps

Price: $25.59
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Provita Nutrition Goldenseal Coptis C. Forte is the most powerful anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antiprotozoal, vermicide, antipyretic, antidiarrheal, antinuclear, cholagogue; Powerful Anti-carcinogenic (destroys fungus, bacteria and viruses that lead to cancer), and has a specific anti-inflammatory effect (in cancer).  ...... 
 Maitake 1000mg 90caps

Price: $19.99
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MAITAKE–1000, 90 capsules Maitake is an edible and medicinal mushroom widely used in Japan for it’s content of a specific polysaccharide called Fraction D. Maitake has anti-cancer fighting propeties by energizing the immune system at the cellular level. Maitake also helps to reduce blood glucose in diabetics.  ...... 

 Reishi 5000mg 180caps

Price: $26.39
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REISHI 5000, 180 caps, Ganoderma Lucidum Bio-Active Standardized Extract, 30% Polysaccharide. Reishi is one type of medicinal mushroom that has been traditionally recognized for its abundant healing powers. Reishi mushroom was dubbed in Asia as “the Medicine of Kings” for its history of treating a variety of health conditions; from fatigue, altitude sickness and coughs, to liver health, insomnia and immune system weakness.  ...... 
 Shiitake 1000mg 90caps

Price: $15.19
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Shiitake 1000 mg 90 caps. This certified organic mushroom extract from Provita Nutrition has traditionally been used to treat a variety of disorders and promote vitality. Providing 250mg per capsule, Provita Nutrition's Shiitake Mushroom is recommended to help build resistance to disease, prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol and help reduce fatigue. It is an excellent choice for anyone wanting better health and powerful immune protection.  ...... 

Welcome to Provita Naturals.com. 

New Products For September
 TRIBULUS 625  625mg 90caps
TRIBULUS 625 625mg 90caps
 Optimized Potency CAL-MAG 2:1+Zinc & D3-60 tablets
Optimized Potency CAL-MAG 2:1+Zinc & D3-60 tablets
 GABA Synergistic  60 caps
GABA Synergistic 60 caps
 NERVINE (stress, depression) 60 caps
NERVINE (stress, depression) 60 caps
 Myo INOSITOL  500 mg  90 caps
Myo INOSITOL 500 mg 90 caps
 SLIM-FIT with Razberi K  120 caps
SLIM-FIT with Razberi K 120 caps
 Colloidal Trace Minerals with Fulvic Acid  60 caps
Colloidal Trace Minerals with Fulvic Acid 60 caps
 MACA Prim 750 Extract 60caps
MACA Prim 750 Extract 60caps
 Chaga C-Max
Chaga C-Max
 URISEPTIN  60caps
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01.Wild Salmon Collagen 200mg 90caps
02.FORMULA FLOW 300tabs
03.EDTA Disodium Chelate 900mg 90caps
04.Agaricus 1000
05.REVITAL-TA Telomerase Activator 60 enteric caps
06.Serra Plus 120K IU 30caps
07.Stemulin Stem Cell‐Activator 90caps
08.Hyaluronic Acid 300mg 90caps
09.Colon Cleanser Fiber Rich 100caps
10.HGH-Activator 60caps
11.Cordyceps Mycellium CSM-2000 90caps
12.Atragalus 9000
13.Goldenseal 100mg 90caps
14.Liver Hepato Protect 45caps
15.Organic Germanium GE-132 100mg 60Vcaps
What's New? more
 MACA Prim 750 Extract 60caps
MACA Prim 750 Extract 60caps
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